Tasha, Chloe and Toby

Welcome to the Good Dog Food Store. Our names are Tasha, Chloe and Toby. And we decided to open our own dog food store when our parents found it hard to give us good nutritious dog food. Every brand we feature is reviewed by us to make sure it provides good nutrition, good protein and balanced carbohydrates and of course great taste.



Each of us has our own special needs and only the very best good dog food can provide adequate nutrition while enabling us too maintain long happy and healthy lives. Toby has digestive and absorption problems so he needs a good dog food that provides good high quality protein that is easily digestible that will not upset his stomach. Chloe has an eating problem. She sees food and she eats it no problem! So Chloe needs a good dog food that is high in quality ingredients and is made with good balanced carbohydrates so she can maintain even sugar levels throughout the day and maintain her weight. And I am Tasha and I need a good dog food that is free of artificial dyes and fillers because I am allergic to a lot of chemicals, besides none of those things should be in any food let alone anything that is considered to be good dog food.

Take a look around our store. You will find the best selection of brands that only offer good dog food made from all natural meats and quality proteins. We searched high and low to find a wide variety of good dog foods for any type of dog with just about any type of need. All of the brands in our store have been researched to make sure they meet our standards. And all of the brands taste great. After all if you’re pet won’t eat it all the good nutrition will be of no benefit.

At the Good Dog Food Store we believe that education is a key element in keeping your faithful pet healthy and happy. Be sure to check out our blogs and read some of the articles that are posted on our site that deal with pet issues and can give you tips and techniques on how to choose a good dog food, as well as manage and mitigate a variety of problems or concerns you may be having about your pet. Between the three of us we have had a vast degree of experience in dealing with health and social issues.  (There are three of us and we  behave like normal brother and sisters so we have had many social problems). And our parents have also been along for the journey so they are a helpful resource also.

 The Good Dog Food Store is founded on the belief that every pet deserves access to food that is good for them and is free from harmful additives unnecessary fat and fillers and outright poisonous toxins. We feature brands that share the same belief as we do and are committed to only providing the highest quality foods made with all natural good ingredients. We are sure your pet wouldn’t want to settle for anything less.

 Because they are more than just pets….. They are Family!



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