Hi, My name is Chloe and I am a two year old Maltese. My parents say I have an eating problem, but I disagree. I see anything resembling food and I eat it, no problem! I eat Toby’s left overs because he always leaves some behind. I eat crumbs on the floor. We have a large yard with a radio fence so I can run around with lots of freedom and eat lots of lizards, leaves, and even an occasional dumb bird or squirrel. Yep I don’t see the problem. OK , there may be one slight problem. It seems with all this eating and even though I run around a lot I may be gaining a little weight. My doctor says besides having an over active personality my metabolism is over active as well. You see what happens is if I eat the good dog food my parent give to Toby and Tasha I burn it off quickly. So I need a good dog food that helps keep my sugar levels even and doesn’t contain as much fat as Tasha’s and Toby’s food. You see there is no one single best dog food that is right for all dogs. We are all different. Tasha and Toby have certain needs and so do I. A balanced good dog food diet all dogs need consists of six nutrient classes: Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Water. These nutrients are essential for dogs to meet their daily energy needs, growth needs and to maintain their bodies.

The optimum diet and routine for your dog mimic the way Mother Nature intended us to eat — keeping in mind that a domestic lifestyle means your dog requires fewer calories than that of their wild cousins.

Obesity and diabetes are becoming common threats to the health of  dogs and feeding a carbohydrate-limited and low glycemic good dog food can make an enormous and positive impact on your dog’s quality of life.

Acana dog food, is good dog food.

Acana dog food is a food manufactured in Canada by a family owned business featuring locally grown and harvested ingredients. A very good dog food rich in high quality proteins, and natural carbohydrates. The makers of Acana are recognized as one of the leaders in providing excellent products for dogs of all stages in life. This product line is targeted for those dogs that do not do well on foods containing higher protein concentrations. The product line is split into a classics brand. And a regional grain free brand. The entire product line consistently rates as enthusiastically recommended or highly recommended.

ACANA Classics feature 55-65% meats, including cage-free Cobb chicken, whole eggs and wild-caught flounder, plus sun-ripened fruits and vegetables from Canada’s Okanagan orchards – all delivered fresh for unmatched nourishment and flavor.Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, ACANA Classics are free of high glycemic grains, and feature local steel-cut oats as a low glycemic, single source of grain.

ACANA REGIONAL recipes  are rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and entirely grain-free, these unique and flavorful recipes feature 60-65% meat and 35-40% of fruits and vegetables to nourish dogs completely.



A note from Mike:
This post is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to be a substitute for qualified veterinarian advice. Good Dog Food Store researches and reviews various brands of dog food. Only those brands that meet the standards we believe should be in good dog food will be featured for recommendation on our site. Until next time Happy Tails!


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