Hi and welcome back to the Good Dog Food Store. Does your pet have suspicious symptoms? I am Toby and today I would like to tell you about Pet Symptom Checker, and the benefits of Pet insurance, both are services from one of our partners PetMD. First let me tell you that Pet Symptom checker is a free service. By accessing the Pet Symptom Checker database you can research thousands of articles based on the symptoms your dog is experiencing. Pet Symtom checker is easy to navigate and their site includes a library of information related to pet health and well being. Even if your dog is not sick the wealth of information found on the site is very useful in helping you understand your canine family member better. And did I mention the service is free. There are no hidden  costs, you can take your time to browse the site, there is a lot of information. And you know it is secure because they are one of our partners, and PetMD is the largest pet information site on the web. There are many features on the site besides the pet health libarary, there is Ask a Vet, articles related by breed, and a pet forum where you can interact with other pet owners. So check it out I am sure it will become one of your favorite sites to visit.

And speaking of illness and injury, I am sure you know that dealing with your dog’s sudden injury or illness can be very expensive. Pet insurance is used to offset a catastrophic, financial hit. Catastrophic hits in veterinary medicine come in the form of: Emergencies (e.g. Fractures, Foreign Body Ingestion, Accidental Poisonings, Bloat, Urinary Blockage), Chronic diseases (e.g. Chronic Renal Failure, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer) and Sudden Severe diseases (e.g. Acute Renal Failure, Acute Pancreatitis). These costs will vary across the country, though they tend to be higher in metropolitan areas. To find out the “Worst Case Scenario Costs” in your area, ask your veterinarian. Make sure you let your veterinarian know if you will opt for high-end treatments and diagnostics, as these will affect the cost. Pet insurance is not the best fit for everyone. In fact, deciding if pet insurance is right for you is a personal decision. It takes research and you have to ask yourself some very tough questions. By reviewing your options and being honest with your feelings towards your canine family member you will be able to make an educated and practical decision about the medical care and the extents of care you are willing to go through for your pet. You can find out everything you need to know about pet insurance and get quotes from all the top companies by clicking here.

As you know I was very sick and required a lot of medical attention. Even with the donated services of caring professionals and rescue groups my care was very expensive. I am thankful for all the love and support I received to help me continue to have a chance at a healthy happy life, but I know that not every dog is that lucky. Every day across america dogs are put to sleep for economic reasons. Maybe if you do some research before you are faced with an emotional decision at a time of crisis you will be better equipped to make those decisions based on what is truly in the best interests of your dog and not make one based on monetary concerns.

Well I hope you found today’s article helpful. Check back often to find out what is going on at the Good Dog Food Store or grab our RSS feed. And please visit our partners when you are shopping for your pet supply and service needs so we can continue to bring you helpful informative and fun content. And remember:

They are not just pets……They are Family!

A note from Mike:
This post is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to be a substitute for qualified veterinarian advice. Good Dog Food Store researches and reviews various brands of dog food. Only those brands that meet the standards we believe should be in good dog food will be featured for recommendation on our site. Until next time Happy Tails!



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