Hi and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. I am Tasha and today I am going to tell you about another brand of dog food that has been approve by us as good dog food. Merrick Pet Care is a leader in the super premium pet food category based in Amarillo, Texas. Merrick’s Kitchen cooks up three branded product lines:Classic Recipes, Grain Free and Whole Earth. Merrick pet foods and treats focus on holistic, all-natural ingredients; Merrick Brand Dog Foods provides premium, nutritious pet food for the price-sensitive consumer. The Classics Formula comes in many flavors and contains 60% proteins, 20% carbohydrates and 20% percent whole grains. The Grain Free Formula comes in a variety of flavors and contains 70% proteins and 30% carbohydrates. The Whole Earth Farms Formulas were created as a truly holistic food at a value price, without compromising the quality of your beloved pet’s food. They take the best, healthy ingredients from the earth and mix them into a delicious, daily meal. With multiple protein sources, vitamins and minerals, Whole Earth Farms provides your dog with the best the earth has to offer. Protein rich buffalo, dried cranberries and blueberries, flavorful rosemary, sage and thyme are just a few of the nutritious ingredients you will find in the three, age-specific formulas. Your furry family member deserves the very best when it comes to nutrition, and Whole Earth Farms is exactly that. Now remember when my parents told you about the manufacturing process? Well Merrick believes in a farm to bowl philosophy. And simply put that means that all their ingredients are from local sources and all of their manufacturing is done at their own facilities in small batches to retain consistency.  Nothing is ever outsourced, and that is very important aspect when making a good dog food. Merrick also comes in wet and dry formulas so you can mix and match to your dog’s individual tastes.  Their foods contain enough real meat to satisfy the carnivore in your pet and are balanced with enough carbohydrates to provide complete nutrition. Merrick’s pricing allows the most price sensitive consumer to provide a good dog food their pet for the same price as junk food food in mass marketed outlets. Merrick is Good Dog Food.


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