Hi! Welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. I am Chloe . Every day is sunshine and flowers when your hair and eyes look great! Here at the Good Dog Food Store we always are getting great products to review. Today I want to talk about a product that is near and dear to my heart and one that I personally use. And that is Angels’ Eyes tear stain remover. As a Maltese I am supposed to be pure white. Unfortunately my eyes tear, and my mouth is always moist. I had a lot of brown on my face and neck. Then Mama found Angels’ Eyes. Wow what a difference!

Angels’ Eyes for dogs is a easily-fed supplement used to treat the causes of tear staining around your dog’s eyes. It can also help clear up “licking stains” which are commonly found on the chest and feet, as well as around the mouth. Angels’ Eyes addresses the actual cause of staining, too much iron/magnesium in the tears, rather than merely getting rid of the symptoms.

There are many factors that can affect tearing, such as allergens in the environment and certain ingredients in treats or food. Other situations that may affect it are ear infections, any teeth or gum problems, and low-grade bacterial infections in the tear ducts. Puppies cutting their first teeth are also highly susceptible.

Other factors are irritants from poor hygiene, excess grooming products, dirt and dust, and also ingrown hairs can that cause eye matter, which leads to more tearing and staining. Wet hair around the eyes is a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

Some hereditary factors may cause eye staining, such as small tear ducts or overly watery eyes. Many small dogs are bred to have short muzzles that are less conducive to healthy drainage and large eyes, allowing for more eye irritation. Some dogs also inherit defects in their facial structure that may result in eye stains.

The active ingredient is Tylisin as Tartrate.  It helps prevent your dog from contracting bacterial and Red Yeast infections which cause excess tearing and staining. Tylisin binds with the pigments in the yeast and ties up circulating porphyrins, a compound that reacts with light and produces a reddish brown stain in the inside of the eyelid, thus preventing them from staining your dog’s hair.

Depending on your dog’s hair growth, results can be seen anywhere from three to five weeks. Regularly trim the stained coat as the new coat grows in.

Angels’ Eyes for Dogs comes in chicken, beef, and sweet potato flavors which are all highly palatable, and it is easy to administer. Angels’ Eyes should be fed daily until the tear stains are eliminated, and then continue to use for 30 more days. If new tear stains appear, the procedure may be repeated.

Angels’ Eyes tear stain remover is one of my personal favorites and is a Good Dog Food Store Favorite Product. 

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