good dog food for tasha Hi and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store,  I am Tasha and today I am going to let you know about an amazing deal on Merrick Brands Good Dog Food. Not only is the entire line of Merrick Brand dog food recommended by Good Dog Food Store as good dog food  today you can Save big on Merrick Dog Food. When you shop at our partner PetFoodDirect you will receive up to 11% savings! But as an added bonus when you use our link  and use our coupon code PFDSAVE5 you will get  an additional $5 when you spend over $45. Now that is some serious savings! This offer is only for Good Dog Food Store customers who use our links found on our pages.

Merrick  is a leader in the super premium pet food category and is  based in

good dog food ingredientsAmarillo, Texas and features only regional, farm fresh ingredients. Selecting regional, farm fresh ingredients is a better approach and is why they consistently make good dog food products.

Merrick  selects only the highest quality ingredients from American farmers and ranchers throughout the four seasons of the year. Buying from family farms across the American heartland has several advantages. Not only do they support local communities, but also freshness and food safety. With fewer distributors, handlers, and Good Dog Food Supplierswarehouses, ingredients get to them faster from the farm. When you know where your food comes from and who grows it, you know a lot more about that food. And that helps making a finished product that can only be described as good dog food!

They have set their standards very high for Merrick Brand Foods which means they contain no ingredients from China – no foods, no vitamins, no minerals!

Merrick is absolutely one of the very best good dog foods you can buy and remember not only can you save up to 11% on Merrick Dog Food, but you will save an additional $5.00 on all orders over $45.00 by using the links on our pages and inserting the code  PFDSAVE5 at check out.


Well I hope you found the deals in today’s article to be useful, because one of our goals is to always help you save money on the best products. Check back often to find out what is going on at the Good Dog Food Store or grab our RSS feed. And please visit our partners when you are shopping for your pet supply and service needs by using the links on our pages so we can continue to bring you helpful informative and fun content. And remember:


                       They are not just pets……They are Family!


Good dog food store Susan A note from Susan: This exclusive deal is just one way we help save our customers money on everything that is dog related, whether they are Good Dog Food Store favorite products/services, or Good Dog Food Store recommended good dog food. We will continue to bring you education about the health and nutrional needs of you furry family member, as well as seeking more exlusive money saving deals to help you to give your dog only the best available foods, product and services. Until next time Happy Tails !


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