Hi and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. I am Toby and I am going to tell you how to save money on the good dog food that you buy for your dog. Vittles Vault  is a Good Dog Food Store favorite product and one  that my parents use to keep our food fresh and helps them save money. Vittles Vault is an airtight storage system for dry pet foods. With a spin of the lid, Vittles Vault locks in freshness and flavor and locks out pests.  It has a uniquely shaped container that is designed for maximum capacity and heavy duty storage. It’s the perfect size to fit under your counter.  It has recessed handles in the side of the container to make it easy to lift. Pests can’t smell the contents and there are no sharp corners for pests to chew. Vittles Vault features airtight protection, which  is a necessity for keeping your pet food fresh and pest free. Made of food grade high-impact plastic.  A free  measuring scoop is included.         Vittles Vault  comes in many sizes and is easy to fill and store. Now besides keeping your dog’s food fresh and tasting like good dog food, Vittles Vault also helps save you money in another very important way. This is a trick my parents use in our house to help them save money on our food (yes they have to pay for our food ).  As you know there are three of us Tasha, Chloe and me,  Toby. The good dog food we eat is shipped directly to us through the auto-ship feature of one of our partners. But by using the Vittles Vault my parents can order larger sizes of our food, which makes it cost less and they can  have it shipped less often which also reduces the cost. Yup that’s right now they can take advantage of the lower cost per ounce of the larger bags, keep our food tasting like good dog food and save on the cost of shipping even more. They order a 3 month supply of all our foods and have no problem keeping them fresh tasting and free from any pests. The Vittles Vault paid for itself with the money they saved on their very first order!

Well I hope you found the information in today’s article to be useful, because one of our goals is to always help you save money on the best products. Check back often to find out what is going on at the Good Dog Food Store or grab our RSS feed. And please visit our partners when you are shopping for your pet supply and service needs by using the links on our pages so we can continue to bring you helpful informative and fun content. And remember:


                       They are not just pets……They are Family!


Good dog food store SusanA note from Susan: The information in this article  is just one way we help save our customers money on everything that is dog related, whether they are Good Dog Food Store favorite products/services, or Good Dog Food Store recommended good dog food. We will continue to bring you education about the health and nutrional needs of you furry family member, as well as seeking more exlusive money saving deals to help you to give your dog only the best available foods, product and services. Until next time Happy Tails !

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