good dog food store ChloeHi and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. The place to come to find out all the facts on good dog nutrition and well being. Today we will discuss and dispel  the myth about the cost of using Good Dog Food vs mass marketed commercial brands. Does it really cost more to use premium dog foods?  Acana is Good Dog Food.

Acana is near the top of every list of ingredients you would want to find in a good dog food. Acana contains no wheat no soy and no corn. Acana is good dog food made only from good quality ingredients such as deboned chicken steel cut oats, potatoes, and peas.

Now the cost comparison using our formula. We have already determined it takes 615 calories per day to maintain an ideal weight  for a 40 pound dog.  According to Acana website there are 1632 calories per pound in the Acana Chicken and Burbank Potato formula.

A 15 pound bag cost $29.99. Using our formula to determine cost per calorie that comes out to .0012 cents per calorie. Therefore feeding a  40 pond dog 615 calories of good dog food per day will cost .74 cents

A 17 pound bag of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition costs $19.29. Using our formula to determine cost per calorie that comes out to .002 cents per calorie. Therefore feeding a 40 Dog eating good dog foodpond dog 615 calories of  dog food filled with empty calories from ingredients like corn meat by products and preservatives like BHA/BHT per day will cost $1.23.

How does that happen you ask?  Well it happens very easily.  Pedigree has 9520 calories per bag. Acana has 24480 calories of good dog food per bag so you feed your dog less. Premium dog foods such as Acana are concentrated food bits of quality proteins and nutrition. Other dog foods are concentrated bits of fillers and and fat so you have to use more to get any nutrition into your dog.

Simply put: Can you afford the cost of good dog food such as Acana? I don’t think there is any comparison. In fact I think it is safe too say you can’t afford not to feed a premium quality good dog food.  Acana is good dog food. To buy Acana click here.

A note from Mike:

The prices stated are the full price for those products at the time this post was written. No one ever pays full price for any product recommended on this site because of the various promotions offered. The best way to ensure you get the best price is always to sign up for auto ship. Not only do you receive a discount price you earn different rewards that vary by the partner you select. All the auto ship features work the same. You can edit delivery schedules edit the products being delivered and you can cancel with no penalty at any time. Remember with online ordering in most cases there is no tax, no cost of gas, no waste of time in a store, all of which add to your real cost for those products. And with auto ship there is no running out of food because you kept forgetting to add it to your shopping list. Certain brands such as Acana and Orijen are sold only in specialty shops or at online retailers, you will not find those brands at PETCO or your local supermarket. So in short, the prices go lower and your real cost will go lower by taking advantage of the programs and discounts available to you from our partners.
This post is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to be a substitute for qualified veterinarian advice. Good Dog Food Store researches and reviews various brands of dog food. Only those brands that meet the standards we believe should be in good dog food will be featured for recommendation on our site. Until next time Happy Tails!


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