Hi I am Toby from Good Dog Food Store.Good Dog Food Store: Toby Have You joined the revolution? Merrick dog food is leading the charge to bring healthy nutritious food to every dog in America! And Good Dog Food Store is going to help by bring good dog food ingredientsyou savings on Merrick Dog Food. Merrick dog food is made just for your dog’s passionate tastes. Merrick dog foods contain only natural ingredients that come from local suppliers and are processed only in small batches to retain quality and consistency.

And now you can save big on Merrick grain free foods! You must hurry this offer is only for the month of August.

Merrick dog foods have good dog food ingredients like real chicken, sweet potatoes, healthy peas, and Red Delicious apples. Merrick has no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. And NO INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA.  Only vegetables from local farms and meats from local ranchers are used in any Merrick

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formula. And the revolution is on with savings that come along with it from good dog food store. Use this link to get your savings on the good dog food varieties that Merrick makes. You save up to 40% on Merrick dog food. But you must hurry because once August is over so is this promotion. So show your family member they deserve the best and them Merrick Brand Food Today. 



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