Hi I am Chloe from Good Dog Food Store. Today I would like to tell you about dental health for your dog.  Your dog’s teeth can suffer from tartar build up and decay just like a humans. And not to mention the bad breath that goes along with it. Dental health maintenance is simple when you use products made especially for dogs. These products are made with no foaming agents are meant to be swallowed contain no added sugars or dyes and taste great. And today you can save up to 10% on all dental health products from Good Dog Food Store. Aside from tasting great these dental health products are effective at removing left over food particles from your dogs teeth, reducing tartar, which can lead to swollen and bleeding gums, and freshens breath. Dental health products that are made for dogs are easily digestible and will not upset the tummy. They are safe effective supplements that your dog will love the taste of and will make the daily dental care a simple fun and fast experience for both you and your dog. So help keep your furry family member in the best of health and score some healthy savings for your wallet by saving up to to 10% on your purchase of these great dog dental health products!

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And remember they Are not just pets………… They are Family!!

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