Good Dog Food Store: TashaHi! Welcome back to Good Dog Food Store! I am Tasha and today I am going to tell you more about my favorite good dog food, Blue Buffalo. You probably have already read my story on my allergies and the hard time I was having because of ingredients in my food. Well it has been over two years since I have had any problems and that is due in large part because of Blue Buffalo Dog Food.  Blue Buffalo is made in the USA . There is No Soy, No Corn and No Wheat in any BLUE FORMULA. All Blue Buffalo foods have real meat as their first ingredient.  And speaking of ingredients only the highest quality Proteins, good dog food ingredients no corn Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals are used in making Blue Buffalo. All of these ingredients are the building blocks to good dog food, along with garden fresh veggies and wholesome fruits  this is one of the best good dog foods you can buy. And because no one formula is right for every dog there are several Buffalo Blue formulas and one is sure to be right for your dog.

Blue Buffalo is divided into five product lines, Blue Life Protection Formula is the original formula and is of high quality and lasting nutrition. Blue Freedom is the grain free line. Blue Wilderness is higher in protein concentrations, Blue Basics is for dogs with sensitive stomachs and Blue Longevity is a weight control line. All formulas consistently rate as either highly recommended or enthusiastically recommended.

Dog eating good dog food

So if you are looking for a quality good dog food free from harmful additives and cheap sources of proteins like corn, wheat, or soy  buy some Blue Buffalo today. Your furry family member will be glad you did!

I hope you found today’s article helpful and check back often I know my sister Chloe is working on another great money saving deal that she will be bring to you in a day or so. As always please remember to visit our partners by using the links on our pages. Please share our content with your friends and if you have questions or ideas we always invite you to leave comments. Until next time Happy Tails!

And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are FAMILY! 

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