Hi I am Chloe and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. Have I got a deal for you today. We just finished our review process of Back to Basics Grain Free Duck Dry Dog Food and we are happy to recommend it as a Good Dog Food  As an added bonus you can get 20% OFF Back To Basics Grain Free Ducks 27-lb bags !  This is for a limited time only. While supplies last. So you need to hurry because this sale will only last a few days.  Back To Basics Brand foods contain no grains, are made from high quality proteins such as Duck and Chicken giblets, and contain no gluten’s. Instead of potatoes they use tapioca as a binding agent. Tapioca has no known allergen properties is naturally gluten free and is easily digestible. Just as its name implies Back To Basics brand foods contain only what your dog would find naturally in their environment if still in the wild.

So let’s run down the list of why we recommend Back to Basics as good dog food. High quality proteins from meat as first ingredients, no corn, wheat , or soy. Easily digestible made with a binding agent that is naturally gluten free and has no allergen properties. Above average meat protein content, high quality fats, and low carbohydrates. That pretty much is the blueprint for making good dog food. And for a limited time the 27-lb bags are 20% OFF!

What’s that you say? A 27 lb bag is too much for your dog? Well check out my brother Toby’s post about food storage and you will see that’s not a problem and you save money by buying larger quanties less often. And for more information on how to save money on purchasing your good dog food for your furry family member check out my dad’s comments on auto ship and learn how to save each and every time you order dog food, supplies and products.

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Well I hope today’s article was helpful for you in your search for good dog food and also saving money! As always we invite you to leave comments ideas or ask for more information. Please share our content with your friends and check back often because the is always something new at Good Dog Food Store! And please remember to visit our partners using our links whenever you are looking for food, products or services for your dog so we can continue to bring you content that is informative relevant and fun. Until next time Happy Tails!

And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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