Good Dog Food Store TashaHi I am Tasha and welcome back to the Good Dog Food Store!  Today I would like to tell you about a new good dog food store favorite product  THE NEATER FEEDER! You love your dog but you hate the mess he makes when he eats or drinks?! Well with Neater Feeder no more messes and no more spills! Neater Feeder has two reservoirs that holds food and liquid separately. This ingenious design has protective walls that stopNeater Feeder for Dogssplashes and spills from an accidental kick or an over anxious eater. The system holds spilled food in the upper reservoir while liquids pass through a filtering system to the lower reservoir for disposal later. This keeps the food separate from the water so you can use reuse the spilled food! The lower reservoir is larger in size than the bowl capacity of the water bowl so it can easily handle any accidental spill. No more mopping the floor every time your little furry darling takes a drink. And with the leg extensions the entire system is elevated which puts your dog in a more beneficial eating and drinking position.  The Neater Feeder is one of the best products we have come across here a Good Dog Food Store but you have to hurry to get yours. The Neater Feeder
Good Dog Food Store Chloe and Tobycomes in sizes for dogs from 5-35 pounds and 30-100 pounds. So there is one for every dog! The Neater Feeder is on sale and you can save up to 17% on select styles but you have to hurry cause they are going fast. And as a bonus for a limited time you can save 15% on this and any other purchase that add up to more than $49.00 by clicking here and using the code AUGUST15.

Neater Feeder for Dogs Remember these prices and discounts will not last so don’t be a droopy dog and wait around, buy your Neater Feeder today and make feeding  a happy time again.

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And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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