good dog food ChloeHi I am Chloe and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. Today I am going to update you on our auto-ship feature and bring you a new bonus! Besides saving 15% on every Auto Ship order, you can now save an added 5% or 10% on bonus brands! And Blue Buffalo and Holistic Select are included in the bonus brands!Dog eating good dog food

The great feature of Auto Ship is that you will never run out of food again. No more trips to the stores, and it is totally customizable to your needs. If you find you are getting too much food, ( In my opinion I don’t think that can happen!), you can easily extend the time between deliveries. If you are almost out of food you can speed up the time. You can pause, cancel and change products or food brands at any time. All easily and all free.

And the bonus part: You can save Good dog food Blu buffalo an additional 5% or 10% depending on the brand if you choose one of the bonus brands of food. Holistic Select And Blue Buffalo are included in the bonus brands selections. That’s right two of our recommended Good Dog Food Holistic Select good dog food brands are included in the extra savings bonus brands list.

Here at Good Dog Food Store, we do not just search to find you the best good dog foods. We search to find you the best price on good dog food and products. We truly do all the leg work for you and bring you the widest selections, honest reviews of the product and foods we recommend and bring it to you at the best prices!

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Just to be clear that 5% or 10% is on top of the 15% discount for using Auto Ship. And if all that was not enough, when you are enrolled in the Auto Ship program, if the product or food you have selected is on sale at the time your order is set to ship, then you get the sale price automatically! Now that is a great deal.

And Auto Ship is not only for good dog food. You can use it for anything that you use on a recurring basis. Heartworm medication, flea and tick medications, vitamin supplements, Treats, anything that you buy regularly you can add to Auto Ship and get great discounts.  And always at the best prices.

I hope you found today’s article helpful and that you will visit our partners by using the links on our pages whenever you are shopping for your good dog food, or products and services. As always we welcome your questions or comments, and please share our site with your dog loving friends. Check back often because there is always something going on at Good Dog Food Store!

Until next time Happy Tails!

And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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