Good Dog Food Store: TobyHi and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. I am Toby and I am still celebrating my Third Birthday! So I thought I would bring you a deal in honor of this great occasion. Free Shipping on certain items when you order using this link.  Now you say what is the big deal I get
free shipping all the time. Well here at Good Dog Food Store we do not do the usual things other people do. We do not just give you free shipping. We got our partner to give us free shipping, plus 15% off if

Good dog food store: party dogs

you choose auto ship plus an additional 5%  if you choose a bonus item from their list.These are not just some products they are looking to get rid of. These discounts are on some of the top good dog food brands and supplemental products around! Check it out, free shipping on good dog food such as Acana and Orijen. Plus Free shipping on Heartgaurd, Interceptor, Program just too name a few. One of our featured products the Neater Feeder is now on the Free Shipping List. There are vitamins, and joint supplements also. Yep this is not the average Free Shipping deal. This is a Good Dog Food Store Free Shipping deal, and it has to include good dog food on the list. But you have to hurry because I don’t know how long our partners are going to be willing to celebrate my birthday. Act fast and dig up some sweet savings on your shipping cost on the products and good dog food you are going to buy anyway! And remeber you get addtional savings by using the Auto Ship feature and the Bonus Items feature. Plus if you are on the Auto Ship program and the items you have selected are on sale at the time your order ships, guess what you get that price! So what’s the big deal you asked? Well I think I have put together a very big deal on Free Shipping on good dog food items  such as Orijen and Acana and some of our featured favorite products, as well as guaranteeing the best price always that’s available when you order. That’s just how we do things differently here Good Dog Food Store!

I hope you found today’s article helpful, and please visit our partners by using the links on our pages so we can continue to bring you great money saving deals as well as information on dog health and safety issues. As always we invite your comments, questions or suggestions. Please share our site with your dog loving  friends, and check back everyday beacuse there is always something going on here at Good Dog Food Store! Until next time Happy Tails!


And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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