good dog food for tashaHi I am Tasha and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. I have an exiting announcement today that I just can not wait to tell you about. Good Dog Food store has added Red Moon Pet Foods to our recommended good dog food family! Red Moon has been making national news as the first good dog food to have customizable ingredients for your dog.

What does customizable mean? Red Moon starts out with a base of good dog food that is made from only good natural local ingredients. You then can select from a variety of supplements to make your dog his very own good dog food formula. If your dog has a dull coat there is a supplement for that, bad breath, there a supplement for that, joint problems, digestion problems, there are supplements for all of these. There are antioxidants as well to help protect your dog from free radicals and the associated diseases they cause such as cancers and diabetes. Yes Red Moon is certainly good dog food! good dog food ingredients no corn

Red Moon contains No Corn, No Rice, No Wheat No Soy and is Gluten free. In fact Red Moon contains no ingredients that are known allergens in canines. And Red Moon always  has FREE SHIPPING! good dog food ingredients

In response to the large dog food manufactures increasing the use of poor ingredients and coupled with all the recalls and poisons entering the finished products of those dog foods the makers of Red Moon decided they can make available a good dog food and then allow you the dog owner to decide what special needs your dog has and provide supplement to be added to address those needs. The end result is a good dog food made in small batches at the time of order and each food is directly aimed at your dog’s specific nutritional needs.

Dog eating good dog foodI hope you found today’s article helpful in your quest to provide your four legged family member his very own good dog food and treats. Please visit our partners by using the links on our pages whenever you are shopping for your good dog food, products and service needs. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions and will answer any questions you have about your specific area of concern. Please share our site with your dog loving friends and check back often because there is always something new coming to Good Dog Food Store. Until next time Happy Tails!


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