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Tasha, Chloe and Toby

Hello and welcome to back to Good Dog Food Store. It’s the Holidays and that means for a lot of people a new puppy. So today’s article is  Everything Puppy: Good Dog Food, Beds, Training, and Exercise. Like all dogs your new puppy will need good dog food. We  recommend three of the very best good dog food puppy brands. Orijen puppy, Blue Buffalo puppy, and Merrick puppy.

Orijen puppy is good good food for your new puppy. All puppies need animal protein for healthy growth and building strong organs skin and coat. Orijen’s recipe is a grain free formula that replicates the same diverse balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that puppies would encounter in a wild setting.Good dog food Orijen Puppy instead of grains Orijen Puppy 80/20 contains a full complement of fruits and vegetables. While containing limited carbohydrates this all natural food  supplies the vitamins, macro and micro minerals all combined into a formula to nourish your dog completely. Just as nature intended.

Blue Buffalo Puppy Formula is good dog food that provides an excellent source of proteins andGood Dog Food Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Recipe for Puppies Dry Food nutrients your puppy needs for optimum growth and development. Blue Buffalo Life protection formula contains their exclusive patented LifeSource Bits. This unique formula is processed to do exactly what the name implies. It is a precise blend of nutrients and antioxidants selected to strengthen your puppy’s immune system, help offset the negative impact of  environmental toxins and provide support for your dog’s specific life stage requirement.




Merrick Real Chicken,  Brown Rice and Green Pea Puppygood dog food merrick puppy food is good dog food. Merrick knows how to take care of your puppy from nose to tail! Balanced proteins, fresh produce and whole grains this formula provides everything a growing puppy needs to grow up right.  From DHA to Omega fatty acids which promote organ and brain development Merrick Real Chicken Puppy Formula provides a wholesome way to for your puppy  to start life.

Now that you have a food for your new fury family member it is time to find a bed for him to sleep in. There are literally thousands of choices out there. From soft to firm. From flat to fluffy and everything in between. There are several choices for every size dog. Beware of beds with buttons and glued on decorations as these are choke hazards and possible toxin sources. Good Dog Food Store does not recommendK&H Lectro-Soft Heated Outdoor Pet Bed any of these types of beds. When choosing a bed for your puppy several considerations should be taken into account. First and foremost a removable cover is a must so that the bed can be easily cleaned. And a durable filling under the cover is desirable. Micro fill beds will be cheaper at first but in the long run a sturdier filling  like memory foam or an Eco-friendly filling made from recyclable materials.


Training your new puppy takes patients, determination and consistency. Your experience with your new dog will be much more enjoyable  if you have reasonable expectations. The biggest element of puppy training, or any dog for that matter, is consistency. If you want the dog to stay out of the kitchen, do not call him into the kitchen for any reason at any time. This only confuses the dog as to what is acceptable and what is not. Understand that potty training is not a one day or for that matter a five day process, it takes time, and there will be accidents. The more you are informed the better the outcome for you and your dog will be.

And finally we arrive at the most overlooked element of your new puppy’s needs. Exercise. ALL DOGS NEED EXERCISE EVERYDAY! That is not an opinion that is fact. If you want your dog to be healthy and well adjusted they need daily exercise.  This factor should be taken into consideration when selecting a type of dog. If you live in an apartment or small house with little or no exercise area choosing a 100 pound dog is probably not the right choice. Walking from the front door down stairs to potty and back up again is not daily exercise. Puppies in general have a lot of good dog food exerciseenergy and need room to run and jump daily. Yeah that Great Dane pup is cute at 4 weeks and 12 pounds, but by 12 weeks he will be 40 or more pounds and growing and still a puppy. Don’t blame the dog for the poor choice you make. And guess what their daily need for exercise does not end at the 1 year mark. It continues throughout their life so make an informed choice, have reasonable expectations and equip yourself with the proper accessories and food and you and your new puppy or dog will have a long happy healthy life together. Good dog food store: party dogs




I hope you found today’s article helpful and that you will pass on the information to all of your dog loving friends. As always we welcome your comments, suggestion and ideas. Please remember  Good Dog Food Store whenever you are shopping for any of your dog related needs or just need some information on dog well being. Please stop by often as there is always something going on here at Good Dog Food Store. Until next time Happy Tails!


And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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