Hi. We are Mike and Susan and we have been dog owners for most of our lives. Currently Tasha, Chloe and Toby take up most our time. All three dogs are rescue dogs and each have a special need. Because of this we have spent the last four years researching dog nutrition. Many hours of reading labels and tracking down just what ingredients were in our dog’s  food. And then many more hours researching what should actually be in their food.  That is when we realized that feeding a dog was not as simple as opening a can from the grocery store. If you want a happy healthy pet who will live a long life then you must give them good dog food of high quality. Well after all this work we have solved most of our babies problems. We then decided that we would share our knowledge with other people who believe that their dogs are,  More than  just pets……They are Family!  So Good Dog Food Store was born.  Check out our store and look at the blogs and posts for valuable information on pet nutrition and a variety of other topics. If you have a specific question you can E-mail us using the link on the contacts page. We hope you like our store and come back often. Until next time. Happy Tails!


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