Hi and welcome to our website Good Dog Food Store. We are Mike and Susan, if you have read any of the previous posts you have already met our three babies. We felt it was important for you to get to know us a little bit if you were going to take the advice, research and recommendations on this site seriously. We founded Good Dog Food Store on the principle belief that if you truly love your dog and want to give them their best chance at a long healthy happy life than education is the key. Our stories are chronicled in other posts about each dog. The blog posts are written from the dog’s perspective because after all they really are the ones telling their stories. While our website contains many products for dogs and not just food, we named it Good Dog Food Store because good food and nutrition are the foundation for any living being to to be able to get the most out of life. In short it all starts with the food, and when it comes to dog food there is a lot of scary stuff going on out there.

Adopting three dogs with various medical problems opened our eyes to just how easy it is for well meaning dog parents to not only give their beloved dog poorly made food, some of the food brands out there contain ingredients that are out right harmful. We have spent the last several years researching what ingredients were in various brands of food because of Tasha’s allergies, then Toby’s very special condition really brought us into the thinking that feeding a dog can be very difficult. Well we are going to share our findings with you so you can make educated choices for your furry family member. Our research continues today and we will  bring you the information we find.

I can tell you though that is not where it ends. You also must be able to find the products and buy them from a business that is reputable. We do not manufacture or distribute any products. For that purpose we have partnered with distributors who we also did our research on and made sure they use best business practices. They all have top notch customer support and secure ordering platforms. After all if we are going to refer you to them we want your experience to be a good one. They also offer us promotions and discounts that may not be offered to you directly on their sites. Yes that’s right, the more people we refer the better the promotional deal they offer us and the better deal you get. This is truly a partnership, so please use the links on our pages. Now I will tell you one caveat in all of this. We have no intention of reviewing every product that our partners carry, there are literally tens of thousands of them. We can only recommend the good dog food products that we feature and review on our site. In addition we will educate you on how to tell if a particular food you may be interested in contains the ingredients to be of nutritional value to your dog.

We are often sent food or other products for our review. Some are dismissed out of hand because they are clearly not something we would endorse. Others fail to make the grade for inclusion on our site after doing the trial research. We will never post a negative review of any food or product on our site. We want your experience here to be a positive and helpful one. There are plenty of review sites that are willing to cater to negative reviewing techniques in order to make their products  look good. At Good Dog Food Store if the product is reviewed and recommended by us that means that particular product has met or exceeded the criteria set forth in the review blog. If the product fails it gets no mention by us and will not be reviewed or featured on our site.

The third component in all of this are the manufacturers themselves. To be short and to the point we can only go by their printed formulas along with the testing and research we do to make sure the ingredients they say are in the food are actually included in their product. We trust that their manufacturing processes are safe and are quality controlled. Recently a major manufacturer violated that trust by not using best business practices which resulted in hundreds of deaths and illnesses to dogs across the nation. In our opinion even though their formulas were of high quality they cannot be trusted with the health of our dogs and we will never recommend any food product made by them.

So look around, read the blogs and articles. We hope you find our website informative, entertaining and relevant to your needs. We understand how much your dog means to you and are eager to help you easily find good dog food and other products or services that will help  make your dog’s life a long healthy and happy one. We also understand that,  “They are more than just pets…..They are Family!” Until next time stay well and Happy Tails!


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