good dog food : MikeHi and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. Today I will be talking specifically about the only true 100% way to know you are feeding your dog good food, and that is by showing you how to get good dog food home recipes.

As you know Tasha Toby and Chloe have recommended several brands of  good commercial dog foods, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Acana, Holistic Select, Merrick, Back to Basics and Red Moon. All of theses brands share share some similar attributes that have helped them to earn a recommendation from Good Dog Food Store. We stand by these recommendations and truly believe these are the best of foods commercially available. If you do not wish to make homemade dog food for whatever reason these brands are truly the best you will find on the planet. (And to be clear we are confident none of the manufacturers we recommend engage in any of the practices that we are about to describe).

Just as in human food there is no substitute for well prepared homemade meals and the same holds true for your furry family member. The key is to know what are the nutritional requirements for your dog, what ingredients are canine friendly and in what ratios do you prepare the meal. In other words you need a good dog food home recipe guide. A book that has all of this information and more all concerning every dog at every life stage.good dog food dog eating meat

Now in truth I stared out to write just that kind of book. I started  my research and began collecting information on various topics. But then I came across several dog nutrition experts who already have in several forms produced and published much of this exact material. I could have reworded it packaged it and the marketed it but that would be a lot of time and effort and probably not as well written so instead I am going to send you directly to the source of these publications. Dog Food Secrets is one such publication and author Andrew Lewis has been recognized as one of the leaders in uncovering the truth about most mass produced dog foods and the harmful effects these products have on our family pets. After having lost his own dog at a very early age to cancer Andrew set out on a mission to find out why. What he has learned and shares with you in his publication Dog Food Secrets is both horrifying and disturbing as you find out what the mega companies put in their dog food products. I am warning you in advance, Andrew’s web site is extremely blunt and graphic. Any dog lover or any compassionate human being for that matter will be hard pressed to not be angered by the information you will learnGood Dog Food Store Tasha about mass produced dog foods. I have long  preached that only good quality ingredients free of harmful preservatives and chemical additives can be called good dog food. In Dog Food Secrets you will not only learn the tactics of some major foods producers but you will also learn how to prepare good dog food for your own dog. There are dozens of good dog food home recipes that are safe and nutritious and best of all they cost less then buying commercial food.

As an added bonus for a limited time if you purchase Dog Food Secrets you will receive several bonus books including how to make homemade supplements, first aid kit for canines, and  how to care for your sick dog. This is truly an eye opening book packed with information that every dog owner should know. Even if youGood Dog Food Store Chloe and Toby do not want to prepare your dog’s meals every time Dog Food Secrets and the accompanying books are must haves for all dog owners.

I hope you found today’s article helpful and you visit Good Dog Food Store whenever you are shopping for your dog related food products and services. As always we welcome your ideas, comments or suggestions. Please share or content with your dog loving friends. and until next time Happy Tails!!!



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