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Good Dog Food: Puppy Mill Abuse Toby’s Story

Good Dog Food Store: TobyHi I am Toby and I wanted to share with you an article on puppy mill abuse. This is near and dear to my heart because my life started in a puppy mill. You can read my full story here. So check it out and remember if you are looking to add to your family by getting a dog please chose adoption. Millions of dogs are waiting for good loving homes where they can find comfort, family and of course good dog food. October is shelter animal adoption month and all across the nation shelter pets are available and waiting for their new families to find them. So please help end an industry that is inhumane and immoral and never purchase a dog when you can rescue one.

All of us here at Good Dog Food Store salute and appreciate the millions of people who work tirelessly to put an end to animal abuse and neglect as well as the unnecessary over breeding of dogs. So remember Adoption First, Adoption Always!

Until next time Happy Tails!


And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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Good Dog Food Store: Halloween Costumes

Good dog food store: ChloeHello I am Chloe and in celebration of my third birthday :>) I am bringing you great new designs of Halloween Costumes so that your furry family member can take part in the holday fun.Hot Diggity Dog Costume Mustard - SMALL

Zack & Zoey Witchy Business Costume Green
Halloween is a family fun holiday and your dog does not want to be left out. But if you think your dog will never tolerate a costume I can provide some help with that. All dogs are finicky and become agitated with new things, especially if they are not used to wearing clothes. Familiarity with the costume before the big day is key to gettingLeg Avenue Dog Costumes Fire Dog Costume your dog to tolerate wearing a costume. Start with some lose clothing for short periods of time, tucking a cape behind their collar etc. As your dog gets more used to having the costume on you can add more parts of the costume and increase the time he has it on until eventualy it is no longer an issue for your dog.
All of the costumes recommended by Good Dog Food Store are pet safe and do not have sharp objects or small pieces that can be chewed and become a chocking or ingestion hazard. They are lightweight and do not tug in areas that are traditionaly sensitive to dogs such as around their necks, close to their face, and they do not cover their eyes.All of the cotumes are up to 40% off and are eligible for flat rate and free shipping offers. we have a great selection and have put together great offers from multiple partners so you are sure to find the perfect costume to make you and your dog’s halloween a howling good time! You must hurry for best selection for styles and sizes.
I hope you found today’s article helpful and you will visit our partners by using the links on our pages. As always we welcome your questions, comment, suggestions and ideas. Please share our site with your freinds and fellow dog lovers and be sure to check back often because there is always something going on here at Good Dog Food Store. Have a happy and safe Halloween, and until next time Happy Tails!!

And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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Good Dog Food: Chocolate is not good dog food

good dog food tasha chloe toby Hi  and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. With Halloween just around the corner and the fast approaching holiday season I thought it would be a good idea to go over some tips for keeping your dog healthy and safe during this time. As most people know chocolate is not good dog food. In fact in can be fatal to dogs.

Why is chocolate so bad for dogs? Well several reasons, first the natural ingredients in cocoa include caffeine and theobromine. While caffeine is not good for your dog theobromine is the more dangerous of the two. Even small amounts can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Severe poisoning cases will show symptoms that include, hyper- activity, tremors, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, seizures, respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. Yes chocolate is not good dog food.

You may ask is a small amount safe? The short answer is no. While theobromine concentrations vary by type of chocolate and the severity of symptoms will vary by the amount ingested and the weight of your dog no amount is safe for any dog to consume.

The list of chocolate in order of theobromine concentration is:Dark chocolate, bakers chocolate milk chocolate and white chocolate. With Halloween coming up it is important for you to be aware of ingestion of chocolate. Visitors, and house guests must be made aware that chocolate is not good dog food and is not to be given in any amount to your dog. If you suspect chocolate ingestion contact your veterinarian immediately. Try to determine the amount and type of chocolate ingested. Symptom of chocolate toxicity include vomiting, hyperactivity excessive thirst and urination and diarrhea. You can contact the poison control center from the ASPCA at 888 426 4435 for immediate control measures to be taken if your dog suffers from an accidental ingestion. Remember dogs are scavengers and will eat anything on the floor so keep the chocolate out of his reach.

Now for some good dog food treats, Holistix dog biscuits are a  good dog food and are a Good Dog Food Store favorite product. Blue Buffalo dog treats are another healthy treat for you dog, made from only good dog food ingredients. Merrick brand dog treats are also good  dog food made from only wholesome natural safe ingredients that are full of flavor and are good dog food.

All these treats are available by directly clicking on the links and did I mention all are on sale are eligible for free shipping are all good dog food recommended  products and are healthy safe treats your dog will love.

All of us here at Good Dog Food Store hope everyone has a happy safe Halloween. Tasha, Chloe, and Toby pass along their holiday howls and best wishes. For more information on dogs and chocolate you can read the following article on WebMd about chocolate and your dog.

I hope you found today’s article helpful and that you will pass on the information to all of your dog loving friends. As always we welcome your comments, suggestion and ideas. Please remember  Good Dog Food Store whenever you are shopping for any of your dog related needs or just need some information on dog well being. Please stop by often as there is always something going on here at Good Dog Food Store. Until next time Happy Tails!


And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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Good Dog Food Store: Healthy Weight

good dog food ChloeHi I am Chloe and welcome back to Good Dog Food Store. Today we are going to explore healthy weight and how to maintain your dog’s quality of life. If you are reading this post I assume you love your dog and you want to do what is best for them. Feeding your dog good dog food is one of the best things you can do. Feeding your dog too much good dog food is not helping them at all. If your dog is not at their healthy weight serious life shortening diseases and painful conditions will occur. Diabetes, cancers, torn ligaments, worn out joints, back problems and early death are all results from overeating. In the USA today more dogs are overweight than not. This trend is alarming. I know you love your dog and you think giving them that extra cookie or chew stick is not harmful and that they will love you for it. Sorry but that is just not the case. That occasional handout packs a lot of calories ( and probably sugars and fats) that they do not need. Feeding your dog a diet of good dog food is just a single step in maintaining your dog’s healthy weight. Managing you dog’s daily caloric intake is an on going process. Your dog depends on you for their habits and their food. Dogs by nature are scavengers and they will gorge on food when it is plentiful because they know there will be lean times. Domesticated dogs do not usually have this problem, and so if you are feeding them something they like they will eat as much as possible everyday.good dog food dog eating meat

So what are you to do? You have already taken the first step by ensuring your dog’s food is a good dog food made with only good healthy ingredients that are appropriate for canines. Now you must determine the caloric calorie count that is suitable for your dog’s age size and activity level. Caloric intake is the total amount of calories per day not just the ones they get from their meals. Proper exercise and nutrition are important. Your dog needs to go for a walk daily, not just to use the bathroom but a real walk to get exercise and maintain healthly moving

good dog food ingredients

parts.  Giving your dog good treats is just as important as giving them good dog food. Great low cost healthy treats that are dog safe include carrots, green beans, and apples.

Here at Good Dog Food Store we recommend several brands of good dog foods, including Orijen, Acana, Blue Buffalo, Holistic Select and the very first customizable dog food Red Moon, just to name a few. We are testing and reviewing new brands all the time so there will always be plenty of choices for you to find a good dog food that is right for you.good dog food exercise

All dogs need regular veterinary check ups, and if your dog is overweight it could be due to certain medical conditions such as under performing thyroid. Once your dog has been checked by your vet and a proper nutrition and exercise routine are developed it is up to you to follow through. Remember the goal here is to maintain a happy healthy dog for many years. Now that is something your dog will love you for!

I hope you found today’s article helpful, please share our content with your friends in the dog community. As always we welcome your comments questions or ideas.  Please remember to visit our store when you are shopping for your good dog food products and services and visit our partners by using the links on our pages. Check back often because there is always something going on here at Good Dog Food Store. Until next time Happy Tails!


And remember: They are not just pets…….. They are Family!!

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Good Dog Food: Top puppy names

Good Dog Food Store: TobyHi Toby reporting back in today from Good Dog Food Store. We have been receiving a lot emails from people looking to adopt a dog and were looking for some advice. A large portion of these contain requests for the latest dog names. Well as usual we can help you and you can check out the Top Puppy Names right here. That’s right all the information you need can be found by following this link to get your list of the Top Puppy Names trending right now. No filling out forms or joining a club or signing referrals. Just click and this link will take you right to the list.  And while you are there you can check out their library of articles and case studies to find out more about breed specific traits,what kinds of dogs would be a good match for you and where to adopt a new member of the family. There are world renowned veterinary experts to help you with the adjustment period, training tips, nutritional needs and any questions you may have specific to your good dog food store fun in the sunpersonal situation. And did I mention this site is FREE! And don’t forget adult dogs need homes to. And they will have the same issues as far as adjusting to their new home as a puppy will so this site is for everybody. So please remember if you are looking to add to your family think adoption from county shelters and non profit rescue shelters first,  (after all you know how I feel about puppy mills) and then visit our friends over at PetMD to find out all you need to know about caring for your new furry family member. And of course you can even find out the Top Puppy Names!

I hope you found the information in today’s article helpful. Please check back often here at Good Dog Food Store, because there is always something new going on. And also please remember to visit our partners when you are shopping for your good dog food or supplies and services using the links on our pages so we can continue to bring you interesting helpful and informative content. Until next time, Happy Tails!


And remember:  They are not just pets…..They are Family !!!

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Hi and welcome back to the Good Dog Food Store. Does your pet have suspicious symptoms? I am Toby and today I would like to tell you about Pet Symptom Checker, and the benefits of Pet insurance, both are services from one of our partners PetMD. First let me tell you that Pet Symptom checker is a free service. By accessing the Pet Symptom Checker database you can research thousands of articles based on the symptoms your dog is experiencing. Pet Symtom checker is easy to navigate and their site includes a library of information related to pet health and well being. Even if your dog is not sick the wealth of information found on the site is very useful in helping you understand your canine family member better. And did I mention the service is free. There are no hidden  costs, you can take your time to browse the site, there is a lot of information. And you know it is secure because they are one of our partners, and PetMD is the largest pet information site on the web. There are many features on the site besides the pet health libarary, there is Ask a Vet, articles related by breed, and a pet forum where you can interact with other pet owners. So check it out I am sure it will become one of your favorite sites to visit.

And speaking of illness and injury, I am sure you know that dealing with your dog’s sudden injury or illness can be very expensive. Pet insurance is used to offset a catastrophic, financial hit. Catastrophic hits in veterinary medicine come in the form of: Emergencies (e.g. Fractures, Foreign Body Ingestion, Accidental Poisonings, Bloat, Urinary Blockage), Chronic diseases (e.g. Chronic Renal Failure, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer) and Sudden Severe diseases (e.g. Acute Renal Failure, Acute Pancreatitis). These costs will vary across the country, though they tend to be higher in metropolitan areas. To find out the “Worst Case Scenario Costs” in your area, ask your veterinarian. Make sure you let your veterinarian know if you will opt for high-end treatments and diagnostics, as these will affect the cost. Pet insurance is not the best fit for everyone. In fact, deciding if pet insurance is right for you is a personal decision. It takes research and you have to ask yourself some very tough questions. By reviewing your options and being honest with your feelings towards your canine family member you will be able to make an educated and practical decision about the medical care and the extents of care you are willing to go through for your pet. You can find out everything you need to know about pet insurance and get quotes from all the top companies by clicking here.

As you know I was very sick and required a lot of medical attention. Even with the donated services of caring professionals and rescue groups my care was very expensive. I am thankful for all the love and support I received to help me continue to have a chance at a healthy happy life, but I know that not every dog is that lucky. Every day across america dogs are put to sleep for economic reasons. Maybe if you do some research before you are faced with an emotional decision at a time of crisis you will be better equipped to make those decisions based on what is truly in the best interests of your dog and not make one based on monetary concerns.

Well I hope you found today’s article helpful. Check back often to find out what is going on at the Good Dog Food Store or grab our RSS feed. And please visit our partners when you are shopping for your pet supply and service needs so we can continue to bring you helpful informative and fun content. And remember:

They are not just pets……They are Family!

A note from Mike:
This post is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to be a substitute for qualified veterinarian advice. Good Dog Food Store researches and reviews various brands of dog food. Only those brands that meet the standards we believe should be in good dog food will be featured for recommendation on our site. Until next time Happy Tails!



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Hi, thanks for checking back in at the Good Dog Food Store. I am Tasha and today I am going to tell you about summer safety for your dog. The weather is nice and its great to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. But did you know what is one of the biggest threats to dogs outside? Dehydration. Yup, even on a day that seems cool we need a constant source of clean cool water. Our bodies are much smaller than humans and we do not store as much water in reserve as you do. ( You guys don’t store as much as you think either so make sure to always stay hydrated). Even inside we rely on you to provide us with a sufficient amount of water. Water is the life force behind all biological organisms. Water is plentiful, cheap and necessary so please provide your dog with an adequate supply.

Another big threat to your dog is heat exhaustion and in severe cases heat stroke. Your dog needs shelter from the sun, even if you are only putting them outside for a few hours.  A shade tree is not adequate protection. ( The earth moves, and the shade disappears). Dog houses or some other type of sturdy safe structure that your dog has access to should be provided. And remember what was a nice day when you left often turns into a windy rainy day and they need someplace to go. This is just one example, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

Speaking of heat. You know the ground gets hot. Really hot. Especially asphalt and concrete. Now I am a female and I have lots of dresses, but you know what I do not have? I don’t have a single pair of shoes. I don’t think many other dogs do either. A walk around the neighborhood is always a fun idea. Except when its 85 degree air temp and the street level temp is near 100 degrees. My paw pads are not a substitute for shoes and they will burn. Please remember that your dog’s paws are sensitive and don’t make him walk on a hot street or sidewalk for long periods of time. Wait until its cooler in the day or after a rain and then the both of you can enjoy the walk.

One last thing. A lot of dogs enjoy riding in the car. And if you are going somewhere that you are not going to leave me in the car (or worse the truck bed) alone, then great. But if you are going to the grocery store, or the hardware store, or the bank leave me home. It gets very hot inside a car in a few short minutes. The temperature will rise to over 100 degrees in less than five minutes. Cracking the window an inch or so will not help. And trust me you never only take five minutes in the store. It is more like 20 or 30 minutes and by that time we are well past heat exhaustion and into heat stroke or death. And yes even up north it is very dangerous to your dog’s health to leave them in a parked car while you shop. Thousands of dogs will be permanently injured or die this summer because of being left in a vehicle. Leave your dog home unless the place you are going is pet friendly and they can go inside with you.

Thanks for stopping by the Good Dog Food Store. I hope you found some useful information. Please visit our partners when shopping for your pet supply needs, and make sure to use the links on our pages so we can continue to bring you helpful, informative and fun content.

Have a safe healthy and happy summer, and remember,

           They are not just pets……They are Family!

A note from Mike:

Summer is always a great time of year. But it also has it hazards, please be aware of the dangers of leaving your pet alone outside and always provide water and shelter. Also even if you think your dog loves riding in an open truck bed it is not fun or safe. Being tossed around at every stop light and laying on hot metal is not enjoyable. And if you get into an accident or have to stop unexpectedly your dog becomes a projectile. I have been a firefighter for 32 years and I cannot count the number of times I have been on  minor accident scenes where a dog was thrown from a truck. The owners always say the same thing “but he always loved to ride in my truck”.  Don’t let that happen to you or your dog. They trust you to protect them. Have a happy and safe summer.

This post is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to be a substitute for qualified veterinarian advice. Good Dog Food Store researches and reviews various brands of dog food. Only those brands that meet the standards we believe should be in good dog food will be featured for recommendation on our site. Until next time Happy Tails!


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