Merrick Pet Care is a leader in the super premium pet food category based in Amarillo, Texas. Merrick’s Kitchen cooks up three branded product lines:Classic Recipes, Grain Free and Whole Earth. Merrick pet foods and treats focus on holistic, all-natural ingredients; Merrick Brand Dog Foods provides premium, nutritious pet food for the price-sensitive consumer. The Classics Formula comes in many flavors and contains 60% proteins, 20% carbohydrates and 20% percent whole grains. The Grain Free Formula comes in a variety of flavors and contains 70% proteins and 30% carbohydrates. The Whole Earth Farms Formulas were created as a truly holistic food at a value price, without compromising the quality of your beloved pet’s food. The entire line consistently rates as highly recommended or enthusiastically recommended by independent reviews.  You are sure to find a type of food that suites any dog’s needs. Good Dog Food Store recommends the Merrick products line and has approved them as good dog food. 
Tasha, Chloe and Toby rate Merrick Dog Food with five and a half PAWS out of six.

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